Therefore, we are presenting an archive of our Iraqi company, Gardenia Co. For Contracting and General Trading Ltd., hopefully, this will get your admiration.
Gardenia Co. For Contracting & General Trading Ltd. is one of the Iraqi companies known for two activities, the first is the contracting and the second is the commercial activity
Gardenia Co. For General Contracting Ltd. was merge with Gardenia Co. For General Trading Ltd. officially by the Ministry of Commerce – Registrar of Companies and Baghdad Chamber of Commerce.
Note, Gardenia Co. has been classified according to the Ministry of Planning in the first class and registered in Baghdad Chamber of Commerce with an excellent degree.


Managing director
Khalid Saadoon Mohammed Ameen

Company Data

Company's Name

Gardenia Co. For Contracting & General Trading Ltd.

Company's capital

(5003.000.000 dinars) five billion and three million Iraqi dinars equivalent to dollars

Company's Specialty

Construction- Electrical - Mechanical - Commercial - Investment

Official classification of the company based on ministries of planning and Commerce

First-class construction - commercial of excellent class - electric and mechanic of fifth class.